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Threatening The System

When someone fights us, criticizes us, or bans us, there is an invitation to take blame or become angry. Ask yourself, "Is something I'm doing putting their system of belief/thought/being/understanding into question?" If there is even a shred of a possibility, tread lightly. You're offering them an invitation to change. Sometimes, merely being oneself can feel like a gust of wind to another's house of cards.

Almost everyone fights against their system changing. The potential is a threat to the well-devised organization of beliefs and scripts that have helped ease the anxiety of being alive. So, when you are met with resistance or aggression, realize the possibility that you have just pushed them towards a crossroads. Now, they must choose to expand or pull out all the stops to avoid change.

And when you fight, criticize, or ban someone, take a moment to see if there is an invitation to expand that you are hesitating to accept.


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