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The Ocean Far From Shore

For the first time in my life, I went out to sea far from shore on an outrigger canoe. I spend time on the beach studying the waves almost everyday, but the waves out there are different. They aren't headed in one direction. They aren't destined for the shore. They move like a flexible boundary that oscillates between concave and convex motions. It's like a pulse that happens everywhere all at once and in no one place at any one time. There's no up or down or left or right. For all of our human intents and purposes, it's a beautiful chaotic motion of madness!

As above so below and nature reflects our inner what is this amazing, incomprehesible part inside of us? Many say that water represents emotion and the sea our unconscious. Like our unconscious, the sea is chaotic but connected. No movement out there happens without a direct opposite action simultaneously occuring. A rise is connected to a dip, one fostering the other and then shifting in a rhythm my mind can not comprehend. I am in awe and I don't fully understand. I don't have any instructions or clever remarks. I just have humble reverance for the power of both the inner and worldy ocean.


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