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Experience Helping With:



Grief Work

Relationship issues

Creativity Blocks
Coping Skills
Peer Relationships
Self Esteem



   Master's in Counseling Student at St. Martin's University

Penelope has been working in community mental health since 2011 when she started a therapeutic carpentry program for women and LQBTQIA individuals. She has studied methods for working with trauma, gender and identity issues, anxiety and depression, grief and other issues.  She believes that each person has the ability to grow through anything when the right form of support is provided, and aims to create a space where new and old territory can be explored safely and comfortably.


She is particularly inspired to work using cognitive behavior therapy, and somatic modalities through a lens that takes the whole person AND their community into account.

Penelope is in training to become a fully licensed mental health counselor. She studies techniques and theories of counseling at St. Martin's University and is working towards her master's degree. Penelope has experience providing services to at risk and houseless youth and survivors of sexual assault. She specializes in introducing people to the therapy process. Under the supervision of Sean Seyer, Penelope provides brief mental health counseling with clients at the Rainbow Health Center as a Practicum student counselor. She offers these services at no cost for up to 8 sessions. There are 5 slots available and they are available until December 10th, 2018. If you are interested, please contact Penelope at (937) 319-1327 or  Please note that Penelope is full at this time as of 10/16/18.


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